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Bespoke Project Delivery...

At True Blue we want to cater the stages of our projects to the needs of our clients. Whether you need us from start to finish or at any step along the way, our bespoke packages of work allow our clients to decide what level of assistance they require. 

Budget Friendly...

One of our key objectives is to ensure budgets are openly discussed throughout a projects lifecycle. Often it is hard to really appreciate how far your budget will go and where you may wish to stretch it in order to get that space you really desire. Early stage attention to detail helps us design with buildability in mind so there are no nasty surprises further down the line.

Attention To Detail...

Each project is different for a multitude of reasons which makes it so important to explore every detail, in order to prepare for all eventualities. We have a vast array of experience working within different countries and council districts and believe that there is always a way to get your project going. 


True Blue Architecture provide a comprehensive range of architectural services primarily in the residential, commercial and hotel/ leisure sectors. Our work is always completed with the client's aspirations at heart, which is why our company ethos is 'designing with you'. It is hugely important to us that the owner or occupants will get full satisfaction from the finished product, which we strive to deliver through our innovative and technical delivery.


Established in 2020, the practice has successfully bought in building projects across the globe and has began to develop an extensive portfolio in such a short period of time. At True Blue we are happy to take on a broad spectrum of architectural projects as no project is too large or too small. We are also aware that our client's don't always require a project to be managed from concept through to completion, and therefore we have created flexible packages of work that can be fully manipulated to meet a specific project brief. We also offer a range of additional services, including interior design, property purchase consultations and architectural building inspections. 


As a small practice, our aim is to provide a personal service to our clients. Something very important to note, especially when delivering work on residential properties, is that the end user is the most important factor as they will have to interact with the finished product on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on paying careful attention to our clients' individual style and the functional requirements of their proposed space or building, however through our concept design process we will help explore alternatives if they are of interest.

Our international network of consultant architect's allows us to work all over the world. Currently we have live projects across the UK, Europe and Australia and we are always looking for talented individuals to join our growing collaborative network. 

Our company has become hugely familiar with the complexities of policies and legislation within a number of countries across the globe, with the majority found in the UK. We are fully adaptable when it comes to working with new Local Authorities, and believe the best approach is to work collaboratively to give a better chance of project success. Our work across the UK also includes working on sensitive properties and sites such as those within flood zones and conservation areas.

As a result of recent times many people across the globe are exploring the feasibility of extending, renovating or converting their property and as such we are now offering a consultation and feasibility package which will help to show you the full potential of your property. 


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Sam Ledger  Director of True Blue Architecture

Director Sam Ledger is an Architect and Urban Designer who has gained extensive experience across multiple sectors including the design and delivery of masterplanning projects, rural leisure resorts, and a vast range of residential projects from extensions and refurbishments to new build traditional designs within conservation areas and contemporary luxury homes across the globe.

From a number of years working with a leading flood resilience specialist, Sam also holds a unique skillset in flood resilient and floating architecture. He has lead a number of successful flood resilient schemes in the past, the most significant of which include 3 water compatible leisure resorts spread across the UK.

Sam is now in the process of establishing an architectural network to allow architects to collaborate across the globe. Currently our network stretches across the UK, Spain, France and Australia. We welcome all new partners and would be extremely happy to discuss the possibility of future collaborations in a little more detail.   

Michael Owens  Director of True Blue Architecture

Director Michael Owens is an Architect who has gained 9 years of professional experience across a mixture of commercial, residential and cultural projects. True Blue Architecture is a Riba chartered Practice with experience in Architecture, Interior Design, Listed buildings & Conservation.

With a keen eye for detail and material use, he takes pride in not only designing high quality functional architecture alongside the client, but also maximising the space to contribute to the overall well-being and quality of life of the user.

Michael and True Blue Architecture are now part of the growing architectural network, and collaborate with Space for Change and others on projects across the UK.


Director Kanav Gupta

Kanav Gupta  Director of Space For Change

With over 12 years’ experience in the UK and abroad, Kanav has worked with listed and non-listed buildings across a wide variety of sectors, including Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality & Healthcare.

He is passionate about delivering high quality design, with a keen attention to detail, in parallel to making the design process as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.

Kanav is a Part 3 interview examiner at the University of Westminster, as well as a founding trustee at The Favela Foundation.

Client Testimonials

I enlisted the help of Sam & True Blue to help me with my first full scale renovation. The project i undertook was a neglected 3 storey 1890s property in Manchester which required a lot of work from full basement renovation, bathroom extension and living/dining room knock through. I can confidently say this project would not have been a success without Sams expert advice, guidance and architectural planning support! Sam was always available to help with any questions or queries I had and provided all the plans, designs and information i needed in a timely and professional way. My builder even said that the plans and designs were the best he has ever seen! Highly recommend Sam & True Blue.


Space For Change 

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